• Advanced equipment

    Advanced equipment

    Equipped with fully automatic 5-station and 6-station cold forming machines, the forging pressure can reach 630T, which can economically produce steel and aluminum products. The cold forming machine has a CNC servo transmission system and the production speed can reach 60-150 pieces / minute; Cold forming machine is equipped with pressure monitoring system, automatic equipment maintenance system and monitoring and fault diagnosis system covering all stations; For the key products of seat belt system and steering system, the laser detection system and eddy current detection system of fully automatic 100% inspection machine are used to detect surface defects, and the image system is used to detect dimensions.

    Globalized project development and advanced molding technology

    Singu Keller Corporation supports customers' global project development through Keller Group; Local product development and international technical support provide high-quality and low-cost solutions to Asian customers. Apply technology database for product molding design to reduce design and development risks; Application of advanced finite element simulation software for product molding analysis and mold design; 3-D technology for mold system design;

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